We’ve been making a lot of changes to our website over the year! We wanted to take a moment to show you what’s new on GLLS.com. Here’s a look at some of the features and new pages that you may or may not have noticed!

What’s New on GLLS.com

Support Section

new on glls.com
With the help of client feedback, we added a Support section to our website.
The Knowledge Base is our online FAQ section. Search through our bank of commonly asked questions and find answers to yours!
Documentation is a brand new page where you can access all of our documentation, including spec sheets as well as user manuals, in one place!
We separated the Warranty Claims from the regular Contact Us form to make it easier for you to get the support you need!

Feedback Form

To make it easier for clients to provide feedback on our products as well as services, GLLS created our Feedback Form. This gives clients a way to easily suggest modifications as well as improvements to current products, report errors they may find on the site, and more!

Technical Blog

Tech Talk Banner

GLLS Tech Talk

We launched our Tech Talk in August 2017. You can find information on our fixtures and accessories, as well as some how-to’s in this section! A new Tech Talk is published every second Tuesday, so keep an eye out for new posts, or use our Feedback Form to suggest new topics!

New Product Pages

We’ve added two new product pages!
Vivid Wave Mini has its own page now where you can find specs as well as user manuals.
Vivid Wave 320 is a brand new product with 3 light emitting sides! Check out the product page to learn more as well as to find spec sheets and user manuals.

Always Improving

We are dedicated to continuously improving our website even further to make it a useful resource to our clients! Check back often to see what’s new on GLLS.com, as well as suggest features that you think would be valuable!