LED Neon Flex products come in a variety of profiles for a variety of applications. Some projects require a smaller, more discreet light, so Vivid Wave Mini is here to provide that!

With a flat profile, this fixture is a perfect fit for recessed lighting. The smaller profile allows this fixture to be applied to small shelves, such as in a retail display, without looking out of place.

Vivid Wave & Vivid Wave Mini

Vivid Wave RGB (left) with a cut end for demonstration purposes compared to Vivid Wave Mini 2400K (right) plug & play sample.

With the variety of color options, Vivid Wave Mini is a perfect accent for any situation. LED Neon Flex products are also excellent for border lighting! This small profile fits perfectly into projects that want a more elegant, subtle look. We use the same materials and chips in Vivid Wave Mini as our other LED Neon Flex profiles. Because of this, you don’t sacrifice brightness or quality for this smaller fixture! You are also able to install a dimmer on this product. This allows you to control just how much light your fixtures emit.

Like all of our LED Neon Flex products, Vivid Wave Mini has specially designed mounting hardware. Our specially designed channels grip the fixture to make sure your lights are secure once installed.

Check out the basic specs of this versatile fixture below!

Vivid Wave Mini – Quick Specs

Vivid Wave Mini Profile
Vivid Wave Mini is a square profile fixture with a 160 beam angle. The fixture itself is only 0.39inx0.39in (10mmx10mm) large. Its working voltage is 24V DC.

We manufacture this fixture with the same high-quality, durable, materials as our other LED Neon Flex products. The PCB runs along the side or the bottom of the PVC, allowing this fixture to bend either Horizontally or Vertically.

Vivid Wave Mini is dimmable and is available in Red, Green, Blue, Amber static colors. It is also available in static white color temperatures ranging from 2400K – 5700K.

If you want to learn more about the technical specs of Vivid Wave Mini, check out our spec sheet here:
Download Wave Mini spec sheet

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