GLLS offers a variety of fixtures in different profiles as well as styles. Much like any product, one will always stand out as a client favorite! Our most popular LED Neon Flex fixture is Vivid S!

What is Vivid S?

Vivid S is a linear LED lighting fixture with many features. Like our other LED Neon Flex products, it offers seamless, dot-free illumination in a durable, eco-friendly package!

Available in Vivid 160 and 270, named for their viewing angles, Vivid S offers you the option of a flat or rounded profile. These fixtures require an input voltage of 24V DC. The minimum bending radius is 4.72in (120mm), and it has a cutting unit of 4.92in (125mm). These fixtures are manufactured with our flexible PCB, and bend horizontally. You also have the option between seamless or snap ends and leads with both profiles. Thanks to the dot-free illumination, this fixture is perfect for direct-view applications! Perfect for projects that will be enjoyed close-up.

Vivid S is available in RGB, Pixel, and Static light engines, as well as color jacketed options. Vivid True is also our Vivid S fixtures with color-matched PVC to your specifications.

Vivid S 160

Vivid S 160 Profile

160 is a flat profile, measuring 0.45in x 0.83in (11.5mm x 21mm). The 160° beam angle makes this profile best for front view applications.

The flat profile of Vivid 160 makes this fixture a great choice for projects that require the light to be counter-sunk. A few examples of how you could apply this fixture are in walkways and floors, as well as walls! The fixture will mount flush to the surface when counter-sunk, preventing anything becoming caught on the fixture.

Vivid S 270

Vivid S 270 Profile

270 is a rounded profile, measuring 0.45in x 1.14in (11.5mm x 29mm).

With a rounded top, the beam angle of 270° allows the light to refract around the fixture and illuminate part of the mounting surface. This makes it an excellent option for accent lighting, or wall washing applications.

This profile is a mimic of traditional neon fixtures! The rounded surface also makes this fixture an excellent option for signage applications.

So what’s the difference?

Both fixtures run the same light engines! The difference between Vivid S 160 and 270 is simply the profile of the PVC casing and difuser.

Want to learn more?

Check out the product pages for these products! You can find information as well as links to our detailed spec sheets here:
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