People often ask us what the difference between our Vivid RGB and our Vivid Pixel fixtures is. So, let’s have a look at what sets them apart!

Vivid RGB

Vivid RGB fixtures are capable of changing color uniformly along the entire fixture. They are not capable of changing the color of individual sections of the fixture, but can be programmed for highly customized colors!
Along with custom colors, you can program RGB fixtures to do color jump or color fade animations. A color fade animation is when the entire fixture gradually shifts colors, and a color jump animation is when the entire fixture abruptly switches colors.
RGB fade RGB jump
The benefit of Vivid RGB is that it is very simple to control, with very little to no programming required. Since you control the entire fixture at once, it requires very few DMX channelsfor programming.
Vivid RGB does, however, have shorter max run lengths. For more information on max run lengths, contact your account manager!

Vivid Pixel

Vivid Pixel fixtures are capable of changing color uniformly along the entire fixture OR individual sections, called Pixels. With Pixel, you have the ability to customize each pixel (marked by our cutting units) of the fixture.
Vivid Pixel is also capable of custom colors, uniform color fade, and color jump, but is also able to do a color chase. A color chase is when different sections of the fixture change at different times, creating the illusion that they’re chasing eachother. Many types of motion animations are possible with Vivid Pixel! If you can program it, Vivid Pixel can do it!

Vivid Pixel offers you a lot more control and is a lot more customizeable. Because of its versatility, however, it is more complicated. It requires more programming depending on the complexity of your animation, and it uses a lot more DMX channels.
Vivid Pixel does have longer max run lengths, however. Your account manager can help you with max run lengths!

Good VS More

Vivid RGB and Vivid Pixel are both excellent products. They each have their benefits, and depending on your project requirements, one will be a better fit than the other!

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