2017 Lighting Design Awards Winner

The 2017 Lighting Design Awards results are in!

Green LED Lighting Solutions is thrilled to have won the “Most Outstanding Exterior Luminaire” with our Vivid Pixel fixtures.

Dene Weslake (ICFX Lighting & control/GEN2FLEX) programmed and installed the fixtures, so our products easily rose to the top! Leeds Arena is a beautiful show of what our products are capable of.

Check out ICFX Lighting & Control / GEN2FLEX here:

What is LED Neon Flex and Vivid Pixel?

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LED Neon Flex is an energy efficient, eco friendly alternative to traditional neon lighting. With LED Neon Flex, you get the benefits of LED technologies while keeping the appearance. With the ever increasing need for business to go green, LED lighting is taking over! Saving companies costs on energy consumption while lowering their carbon footprint, LED lighting can replace everything from flourescent office lighting to neon gas signage!

LED Neon Flex products come in a variety of profiles and styles, each specifically designed with your lighting projects in mind. You can install our fixtures indoors as well as outdoors, as accent lighting, or as signage. Our clients have created amazing lighting displays using our products. Showroom lighting, border lighting, as well as open signs; the possibilities are endless!

Vivid Pixel is just one of our many options for lighting. Each cutting unit is individually controllable using DMX programming. It is available in Vivid S and Vivid Wave, in square and rounded profiles. With a bit of programming, you can achieve breathtaking lighting shows and animations with Vivid Pixel!

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