Which connector type is best suited for your project?

When specifying your lighting project, it’s important to consider the environment of the installation. GLLS offers a variety of different connector types to accommodate various installation requirements. We’ve created a guide to help you determine which connector type is best suited for your project.

Snap, Seamless and Submersible lead connectors are offered in “Side”, “End” and “Bottom” lead options, while the Swivel Connector is only presented with the “End Exit” version.

Check our LED Neon Flex Exit Options document for more details on lead wires.

Snap connectors:

Snap connectors are ideal for projects that require field assembly. They are easy to assemble without needing additional tools. Snap connectors are indoor and outdoor rated and are IP67 rated. When assembling snap connector in the field, it’s important that the assembly directions are followed to ensure a good connection and to prevent water ingress.

Remember that any failure for water ingress is not covered by our warranty in case of field assembly. Please see our previous blog post on how to properly assemble snap connectors.

Swivel Connectors:

Swivel connectors are only rated for indoor use. They are easily assembled without the need of additional tools and are quick and easy to install. They have a slim and sleek appearance, with a small wire for seamless connection, but, on the other hand, the small cable limits the loading capacity of the fixture.

Seamless Connectors:

Seamless Connectors are injection molded in the factory and cannot be modified in the field. Seamless leads are ideal for projects that have multiple fixtures but need to look like a continuous fixture. This is what we recommend for lettering in signage, and any applications that require a 90° bends. Seamless connectors are also ideal for installations that need to be mounted outdoors.

Some of its features are:

  • Offers a neat and clean appearance
  • Are assembled in the factory – fixtures ready to use
  • Fits into the mounting channel

Submersible Seamless Connectors:

Submersible seamless connectors are required for any installation that will, or could be, submerged in water. It is a dual injection-mold process that guarantees the IP68 rate for those connectors. They are also only assembled in the factory only and can’t be modified by the installer. They are smaller than the snap connectors, but the double injection makes this accessory bulkier than the regular seamless connector.

If you know the exact measurements of your project, GLLS recommends the use of factory assembled – seamless and submersible connectors – due to their small dimensions, durability and water tightness.

In case you need to assemble your fixtures in the field, even though the connectors don’t require special tools, properly cutting the fixtures is essential to guarantee the functioning, water tightness and durability of your products. It is important to use the correct tools for cutting fixtures in the field.

For more information on connectors and our product line, take a look at our documentation page.

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