GLLS is happy to offer a full package with LED Neon Flex: the fixture, the ends and leads, and the mounting hardware. We think it’s important to have hardware designed specifically for your product to keep it as secure as possible once installed.

So, let’s have a look at the different options GLLS offers!

Channels VS Clips

GLLS offers mounting channels and mounting clips for our LED Neon Flex products. Mounting channels secure your fixture on straight runs, and the clips are designed to be used in curved applications.
Keep in mind that if your project has a more dramatic curve, you’re going to need more mounting clips. You’ll also need more clips if you have many small pieces in your design; the recommended number of clips is 2 per foot.

Spring Clip

Self-locking Mounting Hardware
The Spring Clip mounting hardware is recommended for vertical applications, such as installation on a ceiling. This hardware is ideal where gravity could affect the positioning of the lights.
The Spring Clip mounting hardware is manufactured out of anodized aluminum to prevent rust. Keep in mind that cutting the channel can affect the anodization, so it’s best to order exact lengths of channels for exterior applications.
Spring Clip mounting hardware is available in channel lengths and clips, which are 1.38in long and ideal for curved designs.

Standard Aluminum

Standard Mounting Hardware
The standard aluminum mounting hardware is manufactured with the same anodized aluminum as the self-locking hardware. This hardware doesn’t lock the same way the self-locking hardware does, rather it has ridges along its sides that grip the LED Neon Flex to prevent it slipping out of the channel.
Standard mounting hardware is available in channel lengths and clips, and is ideal for horizontal installations. You can use the standard hardware on walls for simple designs, however we recommend using the self-locking channel for anything that will be affected by gravity (ie: vertical lines, horizontal lines, dramatic curves).
Standard mounting hardware is excellent for installations in floors or walkways.


Plastic Mounting Hardware
Our plastic mounting hardware has been designed for underwater applications. It does not lock, but does have the same ridges as the standard hardware to grip the LED Neon Flex fixtures. The plastic hardware is available in channel lengths.
Although this channel was designed for udnerwater use, it is possible to use it in horizontal applications elsewhere. If you have a horizontal project that will be subjected to a lot of water, but not submersed, the plastic hardware might be a good option for you!

Still have questions?

If you’re having trouble deciding on which mounting hardware is the best for your project, consult your account manager! They will gladly help you choose the right hardware for the job.

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