Working on a new lighting project? Retro-fitting an old, traditional glass neon sign? So choose LED Neon Flex, one of the most versatile commercial LED lighting products on the market today. Discover why our LED neon lighting solutions have all the advantages over outdated glass neon and other conventional lighting options. Get the LED Neon Flex Advantage today for your next lighting project.

Get the Neon Flex Advantage with Neon Light Installation

Our commercial LED lighting products are smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient than old neon lighting.

Green LED Lighting Solutions provides high-tech, quality light sources that reduce power consumption. Save your company money and become more environmentally conscious by choosing LED Neon Flex light fixtures.

LED Neon flex products are flexible, durable and ROHS compliant. These fixtures are free of hazardous materials such as lead and mercury, and have a lower impact on the environment.

With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, a PVC jacket with UV inhibitors and a three to five year limited warranty, our products will offer benefits for years to come.
Use LED Neon Flex for signage and architectural applications. Thanks to the versatility of the fixtures in the LED Neon Flex line, complicated designs can be brought to life. With easy installation, creating an eye-catching display to draw in your potential customers will be a breeze.

How LED Neon Can Light Up Your Business

Use LED Neon to bring attention to a dark area, update a neon sign or add border lighting to a building or structure. Businesses also use Neon Flex in retail environments for product lighting.
Also, accent lighting is effective at beautifying an area and making displays stand out. Whether subtle or bright, the right accent lighting can bring life to an otherwise boring display. Neon lighting can be used almost anywhere your imagination takes you.

Applications also include:

  • Border Lighting
  • Cove/Accent Lighting
  • Signage
  • Architectural and interior outlines
  • Upgrading and updating

Green LED Lighting Solutions offers a variety of LED Neon products. Offering interior as well as exterior options, our LED Neon Flex line has a solution for your project. With a variety of profiles as well as colors available, our linear light fixtures fit almost any lighting project.

So why wait? Take advantage of what LED neon lighting solutions has to offer you and make the choice today!

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