When starting a new light panel project, it is important to determine the LED Light Panel color temperature. Color temperature will affect the look and feel of a space, and affects the colors of products. Because of this, LED Light Panel color temperature is especially important to consider for retail and product lighting.

What Is Color Temperature?

Color temperature refers to where the color falls on the Kelvin spectrum between blue and red. Cool lights are blue, and have higher Kelvin ratings. Warm temperatures are red, and have lower Kelvin ratings. It’s important to choose the best light temperature for your project’s environment.

How Do I Choose The LED Light Panel Color Temperature?

When buying LED Light Panels, consider the environment. Is this an area where many people will be reading? Will product be on display in this area? Typically, in situations where people will be viewing product and reading descriptions, you will want natural light. Natural light in LED Light Panel color temperature falls in the range of 5500K.

Warm color temperatures are best at creating a relaxed atmosphere. Businesses such as restaurants, salons and spas take advantage of warm lighting. These environments are meant to be enjoyed by clients and consumers for longer periods of time. So for these environments, color temperatures that fall around the 2200K range are best.

It’s important to consider the purpose of the LED Light Panel color temperature. The right temperature of blue light can also create a relaxed atmosphere. These temperatures can be more appropriate when used for accent lighting than as a main light source.

Best Uses For LED Light Panels

Cool white or blue white temperatures:

    • Showcasing products
    • Illuminate dark, cramped spaces
    • Create a contrast

Cool temperature lights are excellent for under-cabinet lighting, creating a contemporary environment to display art, and product display.

Warm white or red temperature lights:

      • Create a relaxed environment
      • Increase appetite (such as in a restaurant or kitchen)
      • In-home lighting (such as in a bedroom or other relaxed area)

What If I Require Different Temperatures At Different Times?

Of course, there are situations where you would want a warm temperature at one time, and a cool temperature at another. Photographers, for example, require different lighting based on their setting. Perhaps you have a storefront that needs different temperatures based on the time of day. GLLS also offers a Dynamic White light panel which allows you to change the LED Light Panel color temperature with the use of a DMX controller.


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