LED lighting is versatile. It can be used to illuminate large areas, create colorful displays, or to create elegant accent lighting. When highlighting your products and promotions, LED lighting is an invaluable resource. An LED Light Panel system might be just what your business needs!

Create eye-catching product displays

LED Light Panels are excellent tools when attracting a customer to a product display: jewellery displays look radiant with LED accent lighting, enhance makeup displays to show the true colors, and product labels are easier to read when well illuminated. LED Light Panels are an efficient way to provide that light. Customers become frustrated in improperly lit shopping areas and avoid dimly-lit displays.

Back-lit cutouts or stone create an attractive point of sale

LED Light Panels have a variety of uses. An excellent use of this product is back-lighting a cut-out display.

MIT Wall

You can also install LED Light Panels behind translucent stone, creating a high-end looking display!

Hyatt Hotel LA

LED Light Panel: more than just accent lighting

Looking to improve the overall lighting in your commercial space? LED Light Panels aren’t exclusively for display uses! LED Light Panels are an environmentally friendly, sustainable replacement option for more traditional lighting. Traditional lighting methods are inefficient, utilizing an abundance of power and converting some of it to heat energy. This excess heat can actually heat up your space and increase the cooling costs. LED Light Panels are cool to the touch, keeping your space well lit and cool.

Both your employees and customers will benefit from a well-lit commercial space. Proper lighting reduces eye strain and helps to keep your employee’s morale up!

Save money by switching to LED lighting

LED lighting is celebrated for its efficiency and its low impact on the environment. Switching to LED lighting can save your company in the long run with reduced energy bills and maintenance. With a longer life span than traditional lighting, you’ll be replacing your LED Light Panels less frequently. As LEDs emit less light over time, as opposed to burning out like traditional light bulbs, it is a good idea to replace large sections of traditional lighting at a time. This way all your LEDs will decrease at the same rate. It’s always a good idea to contact a lighting designer for advice on how to revamp your company’s lighting!

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