Choosing between lead options can be a bit intimidating! It’s important to have your lead wires exiting your fixture in the right position to fit your design. We’ve created a handy guide to help with determining which wires you need for your project!

LED Neon Flex Lead Options

There are 4 lead options for our various LED Neon Flex fixtures:

    • End Exit: The lead wire exits directly out of the end of the fixture.
    • Bottom Exit: The lead wire exits out of the bottom of the fixture.
    • Left Side Exit: The lead wire exits out of the left side of the fixture.
    • Right Side Exit: The lead wire exits out of the right side of the fixture.

Each of these lead options can be applied to either end of the fixture. 01 and 02 ends are called out on the cutting units.
If the cut end of your fixture is obscured, you can determine the end by looking at the first cutting unit after the end.
The end of the fixture is the number that would remain if you were to cut it on the dotted line.

Top View Options

Top View and Side View fixtures have some differences when choosing leads. These options also vary depending on the connector type chosen. Below are the options available for Seamless and Submersible leads:
With a Top View fixture, you can have an 01 or an 02 end or bottom exit, but side exits are limited. The only side exits possible are 01 Right Side Exit and 02 Left Side Exit. This is because of the position of the circuit board relative to the lit surface in a Top View fixture.
Read more about Top and Side view fixtures here!
With DIY connectors, however, it is possible to have an 02 Right and an 01 Left. This is due to the DIY connectors using pins rather than soldering the wires directly to the PCB.

Important to note for your project planning: take note of the end location. It is important to keep this in mind for your design and installation. This makes sure you have lead wires in the correct positions for your design.

Side View Options

Side View fixtures differ in a few ways from Top View. Below are the options for Side View fixtures:
Because of the location of the lit surface relative to the PCB in a Side View fixture, all end options are possible in Seamless, Submersible, and DIY connector options.

Important to note for your project planning: take note of the end location. In a Side View fixture, the ends are the reverse of those on a Top View fixture. This is especially important to remember if your project is working with both Top and Side view fixtures.

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You can reference our Lead Option document when choosing your exit types!
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