Point of purchase displays are meant to draw your customers to your product. You want to catch their eye and showcase something you want them to grab immediately. So how do you make a display stand out from your competitors?

One of the simplest ways to catch someone’s eye is with proper and effective use of lighting. No one is going to notice something hidden away on a dark shelf. With a well designed, well-lit point of purchase display, you’ll increase the number of customers who stop to check out your product.

How do I improve my POP displays?

LED Light Panels offer an easy way to improve the lighting at the point of sale displays in your environment. They will evenly illuminate your product without causing damage. Lights that produce UV rays can cause colors in dyes and inks to fade. Since LEDs emit little to no UV light, LED Light Panels are the safest way to keep your products out of the shadows.

LED Light Panels last longer than traditional lighting

LED lighting is low-maintenance and they have a considerably longer life than traditional lighting. It’s important for businesses to have reliable lighting that won’t need to be replaced every other month. Using LED Light Panels in your displays, you can save money on replacements and repairs while still getting the best illumination for your products.

Set the mood with a color or color temperature

The color of the light you’re using to illuminate the product plays a part in how effective your display is. It’s important to choose a color temperature that will compliment the lighting in your retail environment. Also, you’ll want to be sure that the colors on your products are properly represented when lit up. Nothing is worse than seeing a purchase in natural light and realizing it’s not the color you thought it was!
LED Light Panels are offered in a variety of color temperatures to help you represent your product perfectly. If you want to get creative with your display, maybe an RGB light panel would do a good job! Colored light can quickly draw the eye to a display, and is a playful way to showcase more exciting products.

Save money with a display that’s cool to the touch

Traditional lighting can generate a lot of wasted heat. It can cause heat damage to products and poses a risk to consumers. LED Light Panels waste very little heat, and what they do create is dissappated in the air. This means that your display will be cool to the touch and remain safe for both products and consumers alike.
Switching to an LED choice for a point of purchase display will save you money on energy and help the environment at the same time. With less need for replacements, LED lighting has less impact on landfills. They are made with eco-friendly materials and free of dangerous gasses or materials like mercury. They also use much less energy than traditional lighting, so they will help your business save money where it counts.

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