Have you noticed the Client Showcase section on our website?

GLLS uses this section of our website to introduce our client’s work to our site visitors! We love to promote our clients alongside our products. We’re happy to showcase any project done with our products – from LED Neon Flex to LED Light Boxes!

Want to have your work posted? Read below on how to submit a project!

What goes into a Client Showcase?

All projects should be submitted to social@glls.com

We like to include 2-4 higher quality images of a project in a Client Showcase. You can send more than 4 images, but we will post no more than 4. If you would like the rest of the images posted to a gallery, let us know! We are more than happy to start up another section to showcase your work.

Along with the images, we ask that you provide a short description of the project done. This can include (but definitely isn’t limited to!) location, challenges faced, or even an artist statement if your project is an art piece. We are also happy to link any articles written on your project, or videos that you want us to share!
We also ask that you let us know which product was used for your project.

How do we link it back to you?

We think the most important part of the Client Showcase is to make sure that people viewing it can connect back to our clients! Because of this, we ask that you include the following (if applicable!) in your submission:

  • Company/artist name(s) you want displayed with the images
  • Your website
  • Any social media accounts you want linked (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Any other contact info you want posted (ie: location, phone number, email address, etc)

When we post your Showcase live, we’ll send out a blast on our social media accounts linking back to yours!

I want to submit a project, but my images aren’t great quality.

No problem! Submit your project with any images you may have. We may be able send out a photographer to grab some quality images!
In this case, we will send you the images we receive for your portfolio as well, free of charge!

Want To Submit A Project?

Contact social@glls.com with your information!

Images used in the banner: Bill Vincent, IK Design, Seldon Yuan