GLLS is adding another encapsulation type to our LED Neon Flex line! You’ll now have the option of choosing between PVC or silicone fixtures in our Vivid Series profiles. Already available in the Vivid Wave profile, other profiles will be soon to follow!

The Benefits Of Silicone

Silicone Cross Section
The new UV resistant silicone diffuser creates the industry’s most uniform, vivid linear light! The outer sleeve directs the light produced by our high-quality LED chips for maximum output. Unlike many silicone lighting products that have a sticky, rubbery feel, our fixtures are smooth to the touch. This keeps them from gathering dust and debris while installed in harsh environments or dusty areas.

Along with the new encapsulation, we’ve put in a new heat sink. Providing extra heat dissipation isn’t all this new element does! It also improves conductivity and works as short-circuit protection.

What Will Be Available?

All of our profiles will be available in the new encapsulation!

At this time, our static Vivid Wave fixtures are already on the market, but keep an eye out! Silicone Vivid Pixel is set to launch mid-March! We’re excited to add this option to our already extensive selection of linear lighting.

Watch our social media for the announcements of new product availability!

Have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to our sales team with any questions you might have about any of our products! We’re happy to help!

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