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Founded in 2006, Green LED Lighting Solutions began supplying, worldwide, high-quality linear LED lighting solutions that incorporate flexible circuit boards in an impact and water resistant housing. Our products are a cost effective; modular LED solutions for exterior linear lighting with a water resistance of up to IP68.

We are always working to improve our products for your lighting design needs and are happy to present this low voltage, landscape ready fixture. We’re confident it will enhance any landscape design you can come with!


Our long list of happy clientele who have created beautiful lighting solutions for landscaping, stand as a testament to our dedication to consistent high-quality manufacturing.

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With our LED fixtures and accessories, you can create cost efficient lighting designs that will last. Unsure or have a question? We’re here to help, call or email anytime.

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We are always working to improve our products for your lighting design needs. Browse the website and familiarize yourself with our unique LED Linear product portfolio.

Yes, if you have purchased Snap Connector leads. Be sure to cut the fixtures straight, as well as directly along the cutting line. Ensure you correctly assemble the connectors. Check out our install video here.

The warranty is void for water ingression on self-cut and assembled lights. The limited warranty will still apply to other warranty issues with the fixture not related to cutting.

IP68 is the rating our fixtures have earned through rigorous testing. The 6 refers to protection against dust, and is the highest achievable number meaning our fixtures are dust-tight. The 8 refers to water ingress, and means the product is submersible up to 39in (1m) in water.

You will require an anvil cutting tool for straight, clean cuts in the field. Other cutting tools risk damaging the PCB as well as creating jagged cuts that prevent a weather-tight seal.

GLLS recommends the Lutron Diva dimmer, but any 0-10V LED dimmer will work.

There is no minimum order quantity on stock orders.

For Seamless lead orders, the minimum order quantity is 65.62 feet (20m)
For color jacketed orders, however, the minimum order quantity is 656.17 feet (200m)

This determines the side of the fixture we install the lead on. It is mainly important in Seamless as well as Submersible side exit leads. Please see this blog post for more detailed information on types of ends.

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Our team of technical and design experts are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding LED Landscape Flex. Curious about lead time? Concerned about compatibility? Don’t hesitate, we’re here to help!


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Christine Gautreau

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Alex Wise

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